Joel Alex Olang, Executive Director & Founder

Joel Alex Olang, a visionary tech leader with a rich history of pioneering sustainable solutions, is making significant strides in promoting innovation and environmental consciousness. His recent masterclass on “Reducing Greenhouse Emissions through Telemedicine and Digital Technology” spotlights the critical intersection of telemedicine, environmental sustainability, and digital carbon footprint reduction in East Africa, particularly in Kenya and Ethiopia. Through insightful case studies and practical application of the Model for the Assessment of Telemedicine (MAST), Joel empowers participants to lead environmentally sustainable digital projects, contributing to a greener future while improving healthcare access.


Joel’s academic journey is a testament to his commitment to diverse fields of study across continents. He earned his undergraduate degree, a BA in International Relations and Diplomacy with IT, at Maseno University in Kenya, setting the stage for his academic pursuits. He continued to expand his horizons with a Masters’s in Applied Gender Studies at Claremont Graduate University, delving into issues of critical importance. Joel’s thirst for knowledge has led him to pursue a second Masters’s degree in Public Health at West Chester University, a testament to his dedication to addressing global public health challenges. Moreover, his notable achievement includes an Executive MBA-style Business in Entrepreneurship at Northwestern University, further enriching his expertise in entrepreneurship and leadership. This educational odyssey, spanning Kenya and the United States, has equipped Joel with a unique perspective to drive positive change and innovation in the realms of international relations, gender studies, entrepreneurship, and public health.


Joel’s commitment to driving innovation extends beyond technology. He actively engages in afforestation initiatives using bamboo seedlings to rejuvenate East African landscapes while curbing greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, his dedication to STEM education shines through his role as a volunteer tutor in Pittsburgh, a transformative experience facilitated by STEM Coding Lab during his exchange period as a Mandela Washington Fellow. Joel Alex Olang embodies global excellence, fostering positive change in communities and industries alike.

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