Dr. Kevin Mugoye

Chief Engineer-Machine Learning

Kevin Mugoye PhD is an accomplished Computer Scientist and Machine Learning Researcher and a Data Scientist with 4+ years of research and business experience at top Universities, private Research Corporations, and successful Startups.

With Computer Science and free-lancing experience in data science and analytics projects, I open my world for commercial research on Machine Learning and Data Science for large-scale connected intelligent systems.

My philosophy has been and will always be that the best way to address an existing challenge is to create a solution for it.

Academic Journey

PhD in Computer Science from Maseno University, Masters in Computer Science from University of Nairobi, and Bsc. In Information Technology from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

Teaching and mentoring experience


Kevin is an expert in communicating ideas from machine learning, statistics and computer science, as well as in presenting the data analysis results to technical and non-technical audiences, and delivered more than 5 invited talks at conferences, Higher learning academic institutions and commercial companies in Kenya.

Since 2014, I have taught computer science-related subjects at Maseno University, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University, Kamosi friends University and extended my work to University of the People.

Hands-on work

I have developed a number of innovative artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for local Kenyan problems.


Contact Info

Email address: kmugoye@urbantechforhope.com