Marie Ndoe Mwamtigino


Marie’ Ndoe Mwamtigino


A Philanthropist of young and old people welfare especially Adolescent Girls and Young Women across Kenya. Psychosocial supporter and a Human Rights Defender. A graduate of KCA college- ABE Business Administration and certificate in counseling from University of Nairobi. A believer of provision of equal opportunity, accountability at all levels, embracing more of Science and Technology in daily Health needs service access and dissemination of information at the grassroots.

Understands that the Sustainability of an Organization relies on working with existing structures; Civil Society Organizations, Consortiums, Local Organizations, Government and like-minded Organizations both in the Private and Public sector. An expert on issues Franchising, Prototyping and Community Mapping.

With vast experience on the VMOSA (Vision, Mission, Objective, Strategies and Action plans) in helping Organizations achieve short term goals while keeping sight of long-term goals. Organization Alignment in making sure that she’s always able to guide staff as per the guiding jurisdiction in sharing same paradigm on mission, goals and vision of organization.

 A Passionate, Self-motivated, conscious team player with extensive knowledge and experience on safe spaces and psychosocial support for Vulnerable Populations in different community settings. Having an amazing track record in dealing with Vulnerable Populations whilst retaining an objective and holistic approach to guiding them into treatment and therapy process.

Adaptable and competent in communication and interpersonal skills, IT expert, conceptual

and resilient organizer, Design Thinking pro, currently working in a Higher learning institution in Kenya, in busy executive office on Administrative and Management operations.

Involved in community service for a decade and a half with Vulnerable Populations in Kenya (Kisumu and Mombasa) and in Tanzania-Morogoro town. Is a warm and people loving person with a centered approach towards counseling and rehabilitation. Expert arbitrator, conscious of institutional policies and procedures regarding equal opportunities, performance, risk assessment and confidentiality.


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