Marie Ndoe Mwamtigino


Marie’ Ndoe Mwamtigino


Allow us to introduce you to Marie Ndoe Mwamtigino, one of the esteemed co-founders of Urban Tech For Hope. She is a dedicated philanthropist with a passion for improving the welfare of both young and older generations, with a special focus on Adolescent Girls and Young Women in Kenya. Her tireless efforts in providing psychosocial support and her unwavering commitment as a Human Rights Defender truly set her apart.

Marie’s educational journey has given her skills in Business Administration from KCA College. Her belief in equal opportunity and accountability is at the core of her work. She firmly advocates for the integration of Science and Technology to enhance daily healthcare service access and information dissemination, especially at the grassroots level.

Marie is a collaborative spirit who understands the importance of sustainability. She is a seasoned expert in working with various organizations, from Civil Society to Government bodies, and like-minded organizations in both the Private and Public sectors. Her proficiency extends to areas such as Franchising, Prototyping, and Community Mapping.

When it comes to organizational success, Marie is a true luminary. She excels in implementing VMOSA (Vision, Mission, Objective, Strategies, and Action plans) to achieve short-term goals while keeping the long-term mission in sharp focus. She serves as a guiding light for the staff, ensuring everyone shares the same vision for the organization.

Marie’s remarkable track record in providing safe spaces and psychosocial support to Vulnerable Populations in various community settings speaks volumes. She approaches her work with a holistic perspective, guiding individuals through treatment and therapy processes with empathy and care.

Adaptable and highly skilled in communication and IT, Marie plays a pivotal role in Urban Tech For Hope’s administrative and management operations. With over a decade and a half of dedicated community service, both in Kenya (Kisumu and Mombasa) and Tanzania (Morogoro town), she brings warmth, people-centered counseling, and rehabilitation expertise to the forefront.

Marie is not only an expert arbitrator but also a staunch advocate for institutional policies and procedures related to equal opportunities, performance, risk assessment, and confidentiality. Her dedication to Urban Tech For Hope’s mission is truly inspiring, making her an invaluable asset to the organization’s transformative journey.

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Phone: +245723971990

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