“Through our Digital Healthcare Platforms: m-Kliniki app, and AI chatbot, we revolutionize Mental Health support:

  1. Accessible Mental Health Care: Our AI chatbot provides quick, affordable access to licensed therapists and counselors. With a vast network of service providers, we ensure patients receive individualized private care, promoting mental well-being.

  2. Wide Range of Expertise: We maintain a national database of accredited counselors, covering various mental health areas, from mood disorders to family and couples therapy. Users can self-evaluate their mental health status through the app.

Mental Health FAQs:

  • What is the m-Kliniki AI Chatbot?: It’s an online mental health counseling platform in East Africa offering discreet access to licensed therapists anytime, anywhere brought to you by Urban Tech For Hope.

  • Who will help me?: We match you with a counselor tailored to your objectives and issues. If it doesn’t fit, we’ll find you a better match.

  • Who are the counselors?: Our counselors are licensed psychologists/psychiatrists/therapists, and social workers with extensive experience and credentials.

  • Is it right for me?: If you’re facing life’s mental health challenges, from stress to relationships, we can help. However, it’s not suitable for emergencies or severe mental illness cases.

  • How much does it cost?: Costs vary based on depth of engagement level, location, preferences, and therapist availability. Initial phases are free.

  • Can it replace face-to-face therapy?: While our licensed therapists provide excellent care, it complements traditional therapy rather than replacing it.

  • How do I communicate with my counselor?: You can message or talk over the phone with your counselor, offering flexibility.

  • Can I stay anonymous?: We respect your privacy, allowing you to use a nickname initially. Personal information is kept confidential.

How Can m-Kliniki Support Your Mental Health?: Start with our mental health advice section to learn about different mental health conditions and gain insights into coping. If you’re looking for therapy, our vast network of licensed therapists is here to assist you with various mental health concerns.

With m-Kliniki, you’re never alone in your mental health journey.”