The Pediatric Healthcare supporting the delivery of ‘the right care, in the right place, at the right time’ as close to home as possible.


At Urban Tech For Hope, in using Technological Innovations to provide smooth and seamless accessibility to Pediatric Health-care and Legal-care services, Data and Information to our Beneficiaries we understand that;

-For most healthy children, a Pediatrician, Family physician, or other Primary Care Practitioner (e.g., Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant) is usually the main source of Preventive and Acute Medical Care. Depending on the setting for care and the availability of allied health professionals on staff, these Primary Care practitioners also provide Health Education for parents and children, refer them for specialty consultations, and coordinate their care, as appropriate. Expanded services such as Behavioral Counseling, Nutrition Education, and Parenting Skills Training also may be provided in a Primary Care setting.

We are addressing Newborn Healthcare needs through our mHealth app and Technological Innovations in the following key ways: –

  • Referral and tracking of mothers and infants
  • Decision support for CHW (Community Health Worker)
  • Community Health Worker (CHW) supervision
  • Scheduling and tracking postpartum and postnatal visits
  • Teaching and counsel for mothers and families

Urban Tech For Hope Innovation hub in addressing Paediatric Healthcare we’re engaged in;

  1. Continuous capability building

We work with healthcare providers to build capability in redesign the access to Paediatric Healthcare for our beneficiaries.

  1. Clinical Innovation Programs

Discovering, developing, and providing support for the successful implementation of clinical innovation.

  1. Implementation support

We work with our Networks and healthcare providers to assist Healthcare Innovations into practice across Metropolitan and Rural areas.

  1. Knowledge sharing

We partner with healthcare providers to support collaboration, learning capability and knowledge sharing on healthcare our Technological Innovation and improvements.

  1. Working with consumers

We work with consumers, our Networks and healthcare providers to promote consumer-led redesign of healthcare.

  1. Research

We use the latest findings to inform and shape best practice as far as our Technological Innovations address Paediatric Healthcare accessibility solutions to our Beneficiaries.

  1. Service Redesign and Evaluation

We apply redesign methodology to assist healthcare providers to review and improve the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of services.

  1. Telehealth

Telehealth can help break down the barrier of distance for patient treatment and care and also improve staff education and networking, we’ve this as our blueprint in the Technological Innovations that our Digital Healthcare Platforms offer our Beneficiaries.