“At Urban Tech For Hope, our mission is to ensure that every child receives the right healthcare, right where they need it, right when they need it. Here’s how we’re doing it:

Pediatric Healthcare Access: We utilize technological innovations to provide easy access to pediatric healthcare and legal services, ensuring that data and information reach our beneficiaries seamlessly.

Primary Care Emphasis: For most healthy children, our primary care practitioners, including pediatricians, family physicians, and nurse practitioners, serve as the main source of preventive and acute medical care. We extend services such as behavioral counseling, nutrition education, and parenting skills training in primary care settings.

Newborn Healthcare: Through our mHealth app and technological innovations, we address newborn healthcare needs by offering services like referral and tracking for mothers and infants, decision support for community health workers (CHWs), supervision of CHWs, scheduling and tracking of postpartum and postnatal visits, and counseling for mothers and families.

Innovation in Pediatric Healthcare: Our innovation hub is committed to continuous capability building, clinical innovation programs, implementation support, knowledge sharing, research, and service redesign and evaluation. We collaborate with healthcare providers to redesign pediatric healthcare accessibility.

Telehealth: We embrace telehealth as a way to bridge the gap in patient treatment, improve staff education, and enhance networking. Our digital healthcare platforms are designed with telehealth as a blueprint, ensuring easy access to quality care for our beneficiaries.”