Urban Tech For Hope has The Green Bridge to Healthcare & Justice in the form of M-Kliniki. M-Kliniki strives to connect patients with accredited healthcare providers and those in need of legal assistance with accredited Lawyers/Advocates remotely, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by minimizing unnecessary travel anchoring on research by Future of Urban Tech

According to a recent study by Future of Urban Tech, if brought to scale, digital technologies could reduce emissions by 20% by 2050 in the three highest-emitting sectors: energy, materials, and agriculture. These industries can already reduce emissions by 4-10% by 2030 by accelerating the adoption of digital technologies.

Urban Tech For Hope, dedicated to bamboo reforestation since 2018, uses bamboo samplings to combat GHGs and restore landscapes in Kenya. Bamboo’s rapid growth and carbon capture abilities make it ideal for climate action. Strategic partnerships position bamboo seedlings as a key solution for a greener planet. By merging telemedicine and afforestation, Urban Tech For Hope impacts urban communities sustainably. The initiative empowers communities and generates revenue by cultivating bamboo seedlings valued at $1–3 each, reinvesting sales for lasting impact. Contribute to this transformative journey towards a sustainable future through collaborative efforts in bamboo reforestation.