Reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere is the goal that many organizations have set for themselves. But the challenge is in how to achieve it on a day-to-day basis. 

Travel (movement by every flight, every train, every rented car or motorbike counts) and is one of the areas where a tool that gives carbon emissions visibility can have the greatest impact. It is one of those activities that have been carried out so far without considering the environmental impact. But it is easy to avoid emissions, especially if you have data to be able to choose cleaner alternatives.

New data from Google shared at Travel Weekly’s Sustainability Summit shows that a majority of global traveler’s want to make their trips more environmentally friendly. The tech giant found that 82 percent of people said sustainability was more on their minds than the pandemic.


Here comes the most worrying data, the research also found that nearly 40 percent of respondents didn’t know how to make their movement choices greener.

By using our mhealth app, our stakeholders can decrease their carbon footprint, boost their image as an eco-friendly stakeholder and even gain new customers/clients/investors who’re pro-environment. Even small-business work trips rack up points on a company’s carbon footprint.

Meeting your Health service provider or Legal Assistance giver, or when Stakeholders working in the same space planning meetings and events, must go around a lot of sites and waste a lot of time to obtain all the relevant data. And by the time they have them, the information has become old and is useless. They must consider not only data related to reducing time and costs, but also their practitioners, as well as restrictions related to Covid-19 and that without forgetting the environmental impact that the movement has.

That is why the market today demands more than ever a tool that provides all the information in one place to be able to make decisions with agility and efficiency.

Our mhealth app integrated with Artificial Intelligence enables a scientific, algorithmic, and data-driven approach to planning the most effective global meeting and events for our target population; the stakeholder’s team, saving time and money while significantly reducing their carbon footprint.