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Welcome to Urban Tech for Hope

Are you tired of missing doctor’s appointments due to traffic, work, or personal commitments? Do you struggle to find the time to seek Medical or Legal assistance? Are you a Licensed Medical or Legal Assistance provider with free hours on your schedule?

M-Kliniki© is here to provide a solution.

M-Kliniki© connects patients with Licensed Medical and Legal Assistance providers for convenient remote consultations and appointments. This means you can access quality care from the comfort of your own home, workplace, or even while stuck in traffic.

As a Licensed provider, you can efficiently utilize your free hours to serve more patients and clients, increasing your impact and income for those with private practices. Register, to our M-Kliniki© platforms

Experience M-Kliniki©, the ‘M’ stands for Mobile, while ‘Kliniki’ translates to ‘Clinic’ in Swahili. 

M-Kliniki© is using the ‘Telemedicine‘ approach to provide Integrated Care where Licensed Medical Service providers and Legal Assistance providers share information and coordinate care to address the Physical, Mental, and Social needs of patients.

M-Kliniki© offers high-quality text messaging, audio calls, and video calls between patients and trusted providers, providing convenient and accessible solutions. With our services, you can avoid missed appointments, costly travel, and delays while seeking Healthcare or Legal Assistance.

Access M-Kliniki© services on a smartphone, desktop computer, or laptop, with internet connectivity.

While here gain access to our web-based AI virtual assistant for 24/7 symptom checkers, counseling, and appointment scheduling guide. Additionally, our web-based patient/client portal fosters a secure and seamless communication experience between you and the service provider you choose upon registration.


Testimonial 1

"Living in Kisumu city’s suburban areas, quality healthcare can be a challenge. Mkliniki's AI chatbot was a lifesaver! I woke up with a pounding headache and wasn't sure if it was allergies or something more serious. The AI chatbot on Urban Tech For Hope’s website asked me a few questions about my symptoms and suggested home remedies while recommending a consultation with a local doctor if they persisted. It calmed me down and gave me clear next steps. Plus, it was all in a friendly context, which made it even easier! M-kliniki AI chatbot is a new and interesting way of getting healthcare guidance, especially in suburban areas of Kisumu city." ~Mkabili, resident Kisumu, Kenya

Testimonial 2

Urban Tech For Hope has transformed the way I provide healthcare services. The Mkliniki AI and App platform's innovative approach has helped me reach more clients and deliver quality care efficiently. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this impactful initiative. Our medical service provision through M-kliniki’s platform enables us to protect families. We've seen a significant increase in service delivery." ~Austine, Medical Service Provider, Kisumu city, Kenya.

Testimonial 3

"Being from Nyalenda estate in Kisumu, you learn to be resourceful. But when it comes to health, sometimes you just don't know where to turn. Then I heard about M-Kliniki from Urban Tech For Hope! This app, man oh man, is very interesting. Not only can I get health info I want in plain English on my phone, but the best part is, if I need to see a proper doctor, they can speak my language! No more fumbling through big words or worrying if I'm explaining everything right. M-Kliniki gives me peace of mind knowing I can take care of myself and my neighbors. Na bado, the fact that it also helps with legal stuff? Is very amazing."
~resident, Nyalenda estate, Kisumu city, Kenya.

Testimonial 4

"Life in Kisumu city is busy, and juggling work with family health can be a nightmare. Mkliniki's AI chatbot came to my rescue recently! My daughter woke up with a fever, and I panicked. The chatbot calmed me down, asked simple questions in English, and suggested home care tips while recommending a local pediatrician if needed. All within minutes! It felt like having a helpful friend by my side. Mkliniki is a lifesaver for busy parents like me, and the fact that it leads us to qualified doctors is fantastic. Thanks, Urban Tech For Hope!"
~Akinyi, resident Kisumu city, Kenya.

Testimonial 5

"M-Kliniki has transformed the way I care for my patients. Being a nephrology pharmacist, this platform has truly connected us all - healthcare providers and patients. With M-Kliniki, I can give each patient the personalized care they deserve, especially those with renal issues. The tailored solutions it offers based on individual needs are like a beacon of hope. It's an honor to be part of Urban Tech For Hope, where we're using technology to make a genuine impact in our communities. Together, we're truly making healthcare more compassionate and accessible for everyone in the region. I encourage more medical service providers like me to join the M-Kliniki platform and experience the difference it can make in patient care." ~Dr. Tweya, Nephrology pharmacist