Who we are

With advances in medical technology and communication, you no longer have to hustle to get the Integrated health care you need. At Urban Tech For Hope, through M-Kliniki© the Wellness Health Professionals allow you to schedule appointments. These allow you to see your Wellness Health Professional of choice from a place that’s more convenient and comfortable for you. Find out more about the Integrated healthcare service offered by calling the Wellness Health Professionals today or booking an appointment online through our M-Kliniki© telemedicine platforms.

Urban Tech For Hope is a Social Enterprise where innovation meets social impact. Our first flagship product, M-Kliniki©, is using Telemedicine to make Integrated healthcare more accessible across Kenya.

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine, also called Telehealth or a virtual visit, is the use of advanced communication technology that allows you to visit your Wellness Health Professional remotely. M-Kliniki© provides telemedicine services.

With our telemedicine services, the Wellness Health Professional makes Integrated healthcare more accessible and convenient to those who might have a hard time getting physically to the office because of transportation issues or a lack of time.

Am I a candidate for telemedicine services?

Through M-Kliniki© call your Wellness Health Professional of choice who will provide counseling, patient education, follow-up appointments for chronic health conditions, and prescription refills.

During your telemedicine consultation, the Medical Doctor/Nurse Practitioner/Therapist/Legal assistant might recommend a follow-up appointment at their medical facility/law firm for further evaluation of your case.

How does our telemedicine work?

For M-Kliniki© telemedicine services all you need is a computer or mobile phone with internet access.

Our Vision

To create a future where everyone in Kenya has access to affordable, high-quality Primary healthcare inclusive of legal assistance, regardless of their location or daily lifestyles.

Our Mission

To revolutionize access to Primary healthcare inclusive of legal assistance, with ‘Telemedicine‘ as the medium.

Our Partners