About Us

Urban Tech For Hope;

“At Urban Tech For Hope, we are guided by a strong drive:

Our drive in the healthcare sector is to address the disparity in legal assistance and provide immediate and holistic primary healthcare access using our mobile health app, incorporating an integrated AI chatbot. This aligns with our commitment to utilizing technology for positive change in the climate, agriculture, and healthcare sectors.

  1. Our innovations provide patients with faster access to healthcare providers and quality care.
  2. We enhance medication adherence through automated reminders for patients.
  3. Our solutions facilitate remote patient monitoring, making it convenient and effective.
  4. We boost medication reconciliation accuracy, thereby improving patient safety.
  5. Our innovations streamline provider communication and coordination.
  6. We enable better health data gathering through our digital healthcare platforms.
  7. Our solutions significantly reduce preventable medical errors.
  8. We bring about cost savings for both patients and healthcare facilities.
  9. We enhance patient-doctor communication through our digital healthcare platforms.
  10. Our innovations are designed to reach and serve even the most remote communities.
  11. We encourage healthy lifestyles and create employment opportunities from design to implementation in the communities we serve.”


Our Vision

“Empowering communities with seamless access to urgent and primary healthcare services and legal assistance through our innovative mobile health app, backed by integrated AI chatbot technology, all while ensuring secure and accessible data and information for our beneficiaries.”

Our Mission

“Our mission at Urban Tech For Hope is to revolutionize access to legal assistance and immediate primary healthcare. We’re achieving this through our cutting-edge mobile health app, seamlessly integrated with an AI chatbot. Our commitment to harnessing technology for good extends beyond boundaries, with a global aim to drive positive change across climate, agriculture, and healthcare sectors. We’re not just transforming access; we’re redefining the future of healthcare, ensuring everyone can access essential services anytime, anywhere. Join us on this journey to create a world where legal assistance and healthcare are universally accessible, making our planet healthier, our communities stronger, and our future brighter.”

Our Partners