About Us

Urban Tech For Hope;

At Urban Tech For Hope We Believe: –

  1. Our Innovations give Patients Faster Access to Providers and Care.
  2. Our Innovations improves Medication Adherence by giving Patience automated reminders features.
  3. Our Innovations make Remote Patient Monitoring Possible and Easy.
  4. Our Innovations Increases Medication Reconciliation Accuracy which Improves Patient Safety.
  5. Our Innovations Improves Provider Communication and Coordination.
  6. A Better Health Data Gathering through our Digital Healthcare Platforms.
  7. Reduced Preventable Medical errors through our Innovations.
  8. Reduced costs for both Patients and Healthcare Facilities through our Innovations.
  9. Enhanced Patient -Doctor Communications through our Digital Healthcare Platforms.
  10. Our Innovations are Designed to Reach the Unreachable.
  11. Our Innovations Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle and Create a Jump in Jobs from Designing to Implementation Process in the Communities we serve.

Our Vision

A Smooth and Seamless accessibility to Urgent and Primary Healthcare Facilities, Services and the aforesaid process’ Data and Information by our Beneficiaries.

Our Mission

To Harness the power of Technological Innovations in closing the gap on Health and Human Rights accessibility problems and to revolutionize the way Stakeholders tackle the aforementioned United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Partners