“Currently, through our AI chatbot, Urban Tech For Hope is addressing HIV & AIDS with a focus on:

  1. HIV Testing & Follow-Up: We facilitate HIV testing and connect users to healthcare specialists and facilities. Young people can learn about HIV testing and receive 24/7 follow-up to ensure they are served and enrolled in care programs.

  2. HIV Prevention – PrEP: Our health specialists guide and encourage users on accessing Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). PrEP involves daily antiretroviral drugs that reduce the chances of HIV infection when taken consistently and correctly. We promote PrEP as part of a comprehensive HIV/STI prevention package.

  3. Comprehensive Care & Treatment: For People Living with HIV (PLHIV), we offer a comprehensive care package. This includes regular clinical evaluations, adherence assessments, psychosocial support, nutritional counseling, STI screening, pregnancy screening, cervical cancer screening, dual contraception, TB screening, vaccination, and monitoring for adverse events.

Stay tuned for the relaunch of our mHealth app, where we’ll expand these services to provide even more support to those affected by HIV & AIDS.”